Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Snowy Day

Well its mid winter.The Christmas holidays have come and gone,the land is settling down for the long winter nights that are starting to arrive.
Today there is a gentle snow that is falling.A fluffy white covering that coats the yard .After years in the Arctic one would think that I would hate snow but I really don't.To me the gentle dusting is really beautiful.I love the way that a snow makes every thing clean.It covers all the impurities in the land and makes peace with all.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rainy days and Sundays

Well its Sunday morning and for the 2nd of January it is extremely mild.After years of living in the north of Canada I have forgotten just how damp the weather is here in the Maratimes.It is a rainy ,damp day here in Grand Falls.
In my house it is the moments in the morning,before the kids awake,that I can find a few moments of solitude and peace.I love the silence that befalls house .The only noises being the house it self.The echoing ticking of the small clock on the wall.The clanks and bangs of the heating system.The gentle hiss of the tea kettles as the morning cup of tea boils.
Sunday mornings I love to watch the Sunday Morning news show on CBS.It is like the newspaper with pictures.The show shows a slice a life around the US and the world.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well it is now 2011 and my self and my family survived the holidays.My son and daughter stayed up to watch the new year come in the MaritimesThat feat of staying up past midnight to watch the festivities is nothing new to them but being here in Atlantic Canada is.

It is so nice no to be hung over today.As I get older it seems that the ideas of feeling sick for an entire day for a few hours of merriment is less and less appealing.A nice quiet night at home with family,a few glasses of wine and some good food is much more appealing.The best part i I have a clear head in the morning.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Month

Well its one month till the big move.It has taken about 3 years to make what in hindsight should have been a simple decision.The decision was anything but simple.I have had to look deep inside my self and figure my core values.The choices that I have made have been very carefully thought out and revisited many time.I have look deep with in my own self worth.You see for many years I have not had a whole lot self confidence.I have always lived under the shadow of my father.My father was extremely proud man and wanted the world to know who he was.He was an artist and a creator,but growing up under this bigger than life figure was always difficult.I don't believe he meant it to be that way, it was just his nature.Dads goal in life was to have successful off spring and with his youngest son,me being the foot loose and fancy free type, it was extremely hard for him not try and over shape me.
Whats different in my life now?I wish I could answer that.It has been nine years since I headed north and I have learnt so many life lessons.I have had to face tragedy,laugh , love and deal with life challenges in an environment that has very little to offer.In short I have grown up!
My first priority before moving was to find work.I had in times past put out resume only to have no reply.When I sent resumes this time around I got positive results.There were opportunities .I went to interviews and fell into a situation that at least at the surface seems to be a perfect fit.Thus leading me to the big move.
It is only for weeks from move and we are slowly getting packed.It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate.When I arrived here nine years ago I had two suitcase.We had sold every thing that we owned and pick up our bags and move.In less than a decade we have accumulated so much.The box count is well over 50.