Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rainy days and Sundays

Well its Sunday morning and for the 2nd of January it is extremely mild.After years of living in the north of Canada I have forgotten just how damp the weather is here in the Maratimes.It is a rainy ,damp day here in Grand Falls.
In my house it is the moments in the morning,before the kids awake,that I can find a few moments of solitude and peace.I love the silence that befalls house .The only noises being the house it self.The echoing ticking of the small clock on the wall.The clanks and bangs of the heating system.The gentle hiss of the tea kettles as the morning cup of tea boils.
Sunday mornings I love to watch the Sunday Morning news show on CBS.It is like the newspaper with pictures.The show shows a slice a life around the US and the world.

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